• • Colour and
monochrome illustrations including vehicle stowage diagrams.<br />
• Featuring details of a battle in Italy which resulted in the destruction
of most of a Squadron of Tiger I tanks.
  • • 219 pages divided <br />into 2 Sections<br />
• Operation, maintenance and full technical descriptions<br />
• 131 colour and monochrome illustrations
  • • 223 pages covering vehicle operation<br />
• 55 illustrations giving details of all main
assemblies including the
32pr. Gun and
Besa machine gun.
  • • 146 pages giving user<br />
operating and
service details<br />
• 79 illustrations including <br />a
wiring diagram<br />
• Several stowage diagrams.

Digitally reproduced AFV user handbooks and reports from original Army documents

All our handbooks and reports are for armoured fighting vehicles (AFV). These include army tanks, armoured cars, reconnaissance vehicles, personnel carriers, ambulances, recovery and other armoured tracked and wheeled vehicles. Tank manuals are in 2 main categories - user and technical. They are unique and provide an invaluable source of reference for historians, modellers, collectors and vehicle restorers as well as being a source of memories for ex-servicemen.

User manuals - these generally cover the day to day operations and maintenance. They often contain technical data, hints and tips for the crew, how to drive and routine maintenance.

Technical and workshop manuals - these were made for use by advanced crew personnel, LAD and REME and for base workshop operations. They cover the detailed repair and replacement of major units, in addition to more detailed explanation of major assembly workings.

Special Reports - these reports can be on any aspect of a particular vehicle, or family of engines or transmissions. Often rare, these reports also give detailed glimpses into the design and use of AFVs.

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  • AFV handbooks include fully detailed diagrams and photographs. In most cases wiring
    diagrams, connections and conduit assemblies are shown.
  • AFV user handbooks are crammed with information including measurements, weights,
    capacities and recommended lubricants..
  • AFV user handbooks are in the popular PDF format and are fully indexed and searchable.