Daimler Dingo Scout Car Mks I-III
Handbook AFV-042

In the package there are 2 handbooks in English. The first is the Instruction Book for the Dingo Mark I, IA, IB and IA W/T. The second is the Handbook for the Dingo Marks II, II W/T and III. There are 150 pages liberally illustrated with 83 colour and monochrome diagrams. These include detailed explanatory diagrams for the fluid flywheel and pre-selector gearbox, wiring diagrams and lubrication charts.
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Daimler Dingo Scout Car Mks II, II W/T, & III
Workshop Manual

The Workshop Manual is in English and comprises 206 pages with 127 colour and monochrome illustrations. The manual is divided into 2 main sections; firstly instructions are given on the removal and re-installation of all the main units and assemblies, and secondly the dismantling and reassembly of individual units and assemblies. The manual contains wiring diagrams and a full lubrication chart.
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