Frequently asked questions...

When will downloads be available? We only supply our handbooks on CD. The EU has decreed that as from 1 Jan 2015 the rate of sales tax applicable in the EU country of purchase will be chargeable on downloadable products. However the whole situation is being kept under review.

Romancart or PayPal keeps rejecting my card, how can I place an order? Send an email, via the form on our contact page, with the product details you require and your postal address. We will send you a Paypal invoice which includes the shipping cost. If you wish to accept the invoice then pay PayPal in your normal manner and when we receive confirmation then the goods will be shipped to you and a confirmation email sent.

Which version of Adobe Reader do I require? All our handbooks are created with Adobe Acrobat Version 9. If you already have Adobe Reader 9, or higher, on your computer then no further action is required. If you do not have Adobe Reader 9 on your Microsoft Windows PC we have included a copy on the CD – please see the ‘readme’ file for installation instructions. For users of other operating systems please check the system requirements with Adobe and, if necessary obtain the relevant copy which is compatible with version 9 or higher.

What Reader can I use on an iPad? Adobe supports a version of Reader for IOS. Use iTunes to upload the Handbook files you need by using the ‘Apps’ tab. This App supports bookmarks and links but does not show the underlining or the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous view’ functions detailed below.

Why are some segments of the text underlined? This is a ‘hyperlink’ or shortcut to another part of the handbook. It is used to move to the item which is being referenced such as a figure, page or paragraph. By using the ‘next view’ and ‘previous view’ facility of Adobe Reader it is possible to move through relevant sections of a handbook very quickly.

When I follow a link to a referred page or diagram how do I get back to where I was? Make sure your Adobe Reader tool bar has the ‘Page Display Toolbar’ enabled with the options ‘Previous View’ and ‘Next View’ selected. You can then follow the embedded links and return to your starting point. If, by some chance, you select the next or previous page you can still return to your starting point by using the ‘Previous View’ button.

Can I print my handbook? Yes, all handbooks are built so that printing is enabled. A light watermark appears on every page which does not obscure text or illustrations.

Can I print part of a page? Sometimes you may wish to print just a portion of a page, for example part of a wiring diagram. To achieve this when using Adobe Reader: Enlarge the displayed page to your requirements and then select the ‘print’ option. In the choices given for ‘Print Range’ select ‘Current View’ and the preview will show the portion of the page you have selected. Under the options shown for ‘Page Handling’ set the ‘Page Scaling’ to ‘Fit to Printable Area’ and the preview will change to show the enlarged portion of the page.